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Match Center – Betting Odds Monitoring Service from Betting Philippines

With sports betting, you want to maximize your potential returns for every wager. So, before you finalize your bet, you need to study the existing odds to be able to make the smartest betting decision. That’s exactly what you’re going to learn on this page. Quickly browse through various tournaments and dates so you can see the opinions of bookmakers on various events.

Calendar of Upcoming Fixtures


Serie A Italy

24.05.2024 18:45

LaLiga Spain

24.05.2024 19:00

Why and How to Use the Match Center at Betting Philippines

For making smart betting decisions, information is power! The Match Center presents a unique opportunity for you to follow the latest developments in various sports and events through real-time updates, allowing you to make information-based betting decisions.

It was created with the user experience in mind, so it’s made convenient and fast. You can access it on both mobile and desktop. Use the Match Center in just three easy steps:

  • Choose an event that you’re interested in. These will be categorized by dates to make browsing easier. Events today are presented by default, but you can also choose Yesterday, Tomorrow, or any other day on the calendar. If the match that you’re looking for has already happened, you will see the sports betting odds for the outcome. This will be in yellow.
  • Look at the best betting odds. For events happening the same day, remember that the odds are not fixed. They can rise or fall, denoted by green and red, respectively.
  • Choose your odds. Just click the number indicating the betting market you want to participate in. You’ll be redirected to a sportsbook where you can complete the wager.

That’s it! By using the Match Center, you’re always looking at the best pre-match or live betting odds because it does all the comparisons for you.

Stay Up-to-Date with Sports Stats at Betting Philippines

What’s happening in the tournament that you’re following? Knowing this is important in timing the odds in betting. Now, there’s no need to Google this every time you want an update. With the Match Center as your ultimate source of sports stats, such as tournament standings, you’re always going to have the latest information.

All Filipino-favorite tournaments are available through the Match Center, displaying all the relevant information you need to get a good overview of the latest developments. You will see the most detailed standings in just one glance. And if you’re following various tournaments at a time, you can also easily navigate from one to another. Check the latest updates on the sports competition that you’re following below:

Valid Standings

GoalsPointsLast games
1 Bayer Leverkusen 34286089:2490
2 VfB Stuttgart 34234778:3973
3 Bayern Munich 34233894:4572
4 RB Leipzig 34198777:3965
5 Borussia Dortmund 34189768:4363
6 Eintracht Frankfurt 341114951:5047
7 Hoffenheim 341371466:6646
8 FC Heidenheim 3410121250:5542
9 Werder Bremen 341191448:5442
10 Freiburg 341191445:5842
11 Augsburg 341091550:6039
12 Wolfsburg 341071741:5637
13 Mainz 05 347141339:5135
14 Borussia Moenchengladbach 347131456:6734
15 Union Berlin 34961933:5833
16 Bochum 347121542:7433
17 FC Koln 345121728:6027
18 Darmstadt 34382330:8617