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Best NBA betting sites in the Philippines

Last update at 6 March, 2023

NBA betting sites are very popular in the Philippines. In this article, we tell you how to get into it along with everything else you need to know to be successful in this field.

List of NBA Betting Sites

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What You Need to Know about NBA Betting

Many people in the area tune in to the NBA games that air every day on national television since they enjoy the sport so much. Fans also enjoy placing wagers on NBA games online.

There are already a number of bookies in the Philippines that organize NBA online betting, giving local fans a choice between alternatives that cater to the local market and outstanding international ones. The good news is that as the market expands, more and more NBA betting sites are appearing that accept Philippine pesos as payment.


How to Bet on the NBA Online

  • After selecting an NBA betting site, you’ll need to sign up by filling out some basic information. When confirming your account, it is crucial that you provide accurate data.
  • After registering, you can place a deposit into your bookmaker account. To make a payment, you just navigate to the appropriate page. After the sum has been entered, you can confirm the purchase with a single mouse click.
  • As a result of its high profile, the NBA is frequently highlighted by NBA bookies. It’s also listed among the sports you can wager on, either on the left of the screen or up top with the matches.
  • The final step in placing an NBA bet is selecting a market. By far, the most prevalent is wagering on the game’s outright victor, which is a good choice for greenhorns. Simply select the bet you wish to place, click on the corresponding option, and then specify your wager. After you’re satisfied with your choice, click the “Confirm” button. Then, all you have to do is wait for the game to begin.


Top Five Bookmakers for NBA Betting in the Philippines 

Want to know where you can bet? We present to you the top five bookies for NBA betting:


Because it allows users to gamble on games and watch live broadcasts, PNXbet  has become one of the most popular betting applications for NBA betting in the Philippines. It’s also convenient to deposit and withdraw funds from this bookmaker because of how quickly and easily they process transactions.


There are a variety of advantages for gamblers to utilize this software, notwithstanding how modern it is. A wide variety of deposit methods are available to players. It also happens to be one of the quickest apps in the online basketball bettingmarket.


NBA bettors in the Philippines consider this app to be among the best. The reasoning behind this isn’t hard to come up with: players have a wide variety of choices, including live betting possibilities with access to various features. The software can also be customized with your own feed.


Any NBA bettor, no matter how seasoned, can benefit from this app’s selection of betting advice. Furthermore, it offers pages with real-time updates on NBA teams prior to and during games.


The GGBet app for mobile devices provides quick and easy access to hundreds of betting markets. Moreover, the app’s customer service is available around the clock. Because of how well the help system integrates, this is one of the most dependable systems out there.


Useful Tips for NBA betting

  • Picking the eventual victor isn’t the only viable strategy. In basketball, the Over/Under market is a common wagering option, but you should know what it entails before placing a wager. You should never risk money in a market that you don’t completely comprehend. That is, learn about your choices in the market thoroughly before making a wager.
  • It’s easy to look at the strength of two teams and assume that the one with the more strength will win with relative ease. Nonetheless, the outcome is affected by more than just the team’s strength on paper. Before placing a bet on the NBA, it’s important to consider whether or not a team will be missing key players or is dealing with any other issues that could affect the outcome.
  • Taking advantage of bookmakers’ incentives and special offers is a terrific strategy to increase the returns on your wagers. Bookmakers vary greatly in their promotions, with some providing enhanced odds for multiple wagers and others providing free wagers on select games. These bonuses will ensure that you get the most out of every NBA bet.


Most Popular NBA Online Betting Markets


If you bet on totals, you have to guess how many points both teams will score. Bets are placed under or over a predetermined number established by the bookmakers. If you want to know how many points each side has a chance of scoring, you should look at their prior matchups.


Among the NBA betting markets, this is one of the simplest. Put your money where your mouth is, and wager on the team you think will win the game. Since expert knowledge is unnecessary, this market is ideal for novice traders.

Point Spread Bets

For each game, the point spreads betting market normally opens at even money and goes all the way up to 17 points. Keep in mind that point spreads are calculated based on the strengths and recent performance of each team.

Information on the NBA and its Games

This type of wager is ideal for fans who are well-versed in the game and who have a firm grasp of player statistics. You may win a lot of money betting online on NBA game props and features. If you learn more about the game, you’ll be able to predict who the sixth man will be.

Halftime/Quarter betting

Halftime/quarter betting is a straightforward and rapidly expanding sector in the NBA. Picking a team to win a given period of a league game is easy. If you prefer placing bets in real-time, this one’s for you because you will have a better understanding of crucial elements like team momentum and injuries.


Live NBA Betting

If you know the thrill of backing your team when they’re down in points, you know that it’s a thrill that cannot be duplicated. That’s a big draw for NBA bettors, who also enjoy the fluidity of the odds and lines as the game progresses.

Betting on NBA games in real-time allows punters to take advantage of improved odds. If you are interested in live betting on the NBA, feel free to check out the sites we have selected. MSW NBA odds, bet365 NBA odds, and 22bet NBA odds will all give you something worth betting on.


Popular NBA Events to Bet On

The NBA Championship

The NBA Finals is the name given to the NBA’s yearly championship series. The winners of the Eastern and Western Conferences face off in this game. You can make money betting on this if you choose the correct bookmaker.

The NBA Playoffs

A team can advance no further than the NBA playoffs before the championship round. This is something that happens after the regular season has ended. The playoffs are just as thrilling as the championship game since they determine who will compete for the title.

The NBA All-Star Game

This is not like ordinary NBA games at all. Held once a year in February, it features three days of programming. The NBA All-Star Game is only one of several side events that showcase the league’s top talent.

The NBA Regular Season

The regular season may lack the drama of the postseason, but it does determine who makes the playoffs and who goes on to the championship. In addition, 30 teams from throughout the United States compete, each against the clubs in its own conference.


Best NBA Betting Odds

The odds of winning or having your bet repaid are the proportion of your initial investment to the amount you could potentially win. In other words, it facilitates the calculation of potential winnings from wagers on a sporting event.

You can find the best NBA odds on Bet365, 1XBet, 22Bet, and across every other site that we have mentioned in the article. For example, 1XBet and Megapari offer a margin of 10.26 on the NBA, while GGbet offers 3.67.


Top 3 Mobile Apps for NBA Betting in the Philippines

If you prefer placing bets using your mobile device, then these apps are for you:


Bets on NBA games are sometimes rescinded by players. They are impatient to receive their earnings and do not wish to wait for any remaining events to conclude. Bet slip sale at MELbet allows players in this group to quickly recoup part of their wagers.


Bet365 has a long-storied reputation as one of the most prolific betting sites in the world to date. Nobody has been able to match the sheer volume of games they allow to be bet on, which includes every single NBA game, too.


Despite its relative youth, Pnxbet  has swiftly established itself as the site of choice for NBA bettors in the Philippines. The bookmaker has an intuitive interface and a top-notch live betting section.


Payment Methods for NBA betting

Among the many payment methods you can access, these are the most commonly used:


Being an app made in the Philippines, NBA online betting using GCash is available from every Filipino bookie.


PayPal  has set the standard for virtual money transfers, making it a very popular medium for payments.


Visa is accepted everywhere internationally. There is no bookie who would ever reject a Visa  payment.


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