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Terms of Use

This page outlines the “Terms of Use” for rendering services from BettingPhilippines.online. The goal is to provide a framework for the norms we adhere to and to which we want all users to comply. Serving as the legally binding agreement between BettingPhilippines.online and the user, any breach of terms may lead to serious legal action.

Pay close attention to all the sections and read through them thoroughly to learn how to use our service properly.


Terminologies throughout the Page

  • BettingPhilippines.online is meant to be the singular reference point for the nouns “website,” “us,” “we,” “our,” and similar expressions.
  • People that come to this site to learn more about us or try their luck at gambling are referred to here as “you,” “user,” “visitor,” “punter,” “gambler,” etc.
  • This website and the associated terms and conditions constitute the “Agreement.”


Acceptance of the Agreement

  • BettingPhilippines.online is subject to the following terms and conditions, which you accept by using the site:
  • BettingPhilippines.online and its ancillary service providers retain ownership of any trademarks, service marks, and trade names used on the site.
  • By continuing past this page, you indicate your consent to the terms and conditions outlined here and to the restrictions established by our legal department. We kindly ask you to quit the site if you disagree with any of the terms or clauses.
  • We reserve the right to change this page without notice. In addition, any precedents established by the government may need alterations. You are indicating your acceptance of the updated terms by continuing to use our site after the changes. We’ve included the page’s last revision date.


You Agree to the Following Clauses

  • Seeking a mutual ground of agreement with BettingPhilippines.online would mean:
  • This website shares gambling-related information with the users in an effort to inform and amuse them. BettingPhilippines.online and its staff members cannot be held liable for any users’ failure to follow the laws on online gambling in the Philippines. Additionally, none of the media we produce (SMS, emails) pose any legal risks of any kind.
  • You are responsible for reviewing the website’s TOS on a regular basis to stay abreast of regulatory changes or other changes in the agreement policy.
  • Your responsibility is to verify that your use of BettingPhilippines.online does not violate any local regulations. Regardless of whether or not the law finds you at fault, we disclaim all responsibility or liability.
  • No private information, such as your name, address, or age, will be collected per our policy. This means that you can immediately block any minors you discover using the site from accessing it in the future. We ask that you quit the site immediately if you are not of legal gambling age in your country.
  • By using this website, you agree that you will not use any information obtained from it in any way that violates the law or is unethical. If you create expenses or damage due to your own negligence, BettingPhilippines.online will not pay for them. In addition, we have the right to terminate your access to this site if you spread false accusations about other users.
  • Neither you nor anyone else using your account agrees to post or send anything illegal, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate on or through this website. Such content may be removed from the platform without prior notice.
  • You also agree not to attempt access to the website through any unapproved hypertext links that you build or post. In addition, without the website owner's and its suppliers' express consent, users are not permitted to access, use, reuse, or post any content on or from the website. This includes images, videos, logos, words, data, and designs.
  • In the event that a disagreement arises between users and the online gambling sites we promote as a result of a link or other content published on the website, BettingPhilippines.online will not settle it or take part in it.


Website Content Guideline

  • Our team is committed to collecting current and useful data for the online gambling market in the Philippines. However, while obtaining the truth would be ideal, this is not always achievable. As a result, we fully disclaim all responsibility for the accuracy of the content provided on this website or any other websites to which it may be linked.
  • Links to external websites, products, or services are provided on our site (BettingPhilippines.online) solely for the convenience of our visitors. Therefore, this website cannot be held responsible for the content of any links provided by external parties. Therefore, we ask that you use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to use the items or services offered by any third-party links you encounter.
  • Users are solely responsible for the consequences of their actions when interacting with any of the website’s linked pages or other content. For any direct or indirect losses brought on by the shared materials, BettingPhilippines.online disclaims all liability.
  • Since we serve up our content depending on supply and demand, we can’t guarantee that it will be flawless every time. Therefore, if you find any of our articles offensive, we respectfully ask that you not continue using our site. If you are dissatisfied with our services, you understand that BettingPhilippines.online and its personnel are not responsible for any indirect, special, or consequential damages.
  • Using our site, you permit us to collect information about you via cookies and to use, translate, edit, distribute, publish, and reproduce that information. For more information about our cookie practices, please review our privacy statement. This license is fully transferable, royalty-free, perpetual, and nonexclusive.
  • Threatening, vulgar, hateful, discriminating, sexually-oriented, in violation of international laws, and invasive of someone’s privacy are all grounds for immediate cancellation of a request or content.
  • There is no tolerance for spam on this site. The consequent catch-22 is that any spam seeming to promote online casinos or sportsbooks will be reported instantly, and the offending content distributor will be blacklisted from our database.


Be Responsible

As an affiliate network, we collaborate with reputable online casinos to provide our users with a secure playing environment. The promotion of responsible gaming policies is one of our primary advocacy focuses. Our users are strongly encouraged to gamble responsibly and only during their spare time. Our website does not contain any material that is meant to cause harm to any person.

Responsible gaming is something you should educate yourself on responsible gaming if you or someone you know has a gambling issue. If you or someone you know needs assistance due to gambling, there are hotlines available in every country, including the Philippines. Also, ask for assistance from international organizations if you can’t think of any such groups operating locally.

Don’t keep your gaming habits a secret from your superiors if you or someone you know has a history of health problems that prevent them from living a normal, productive life. When people experience problems in their own lives, they are more likely to develop a gambling addiction.

As a website that promotes responsible gambling, we aim to inform our visitors about the consequences of engaging in risky gambling behaviors online. Therefore, in addition to posting reviews and promotional offers, we also share a lot of content related to responsible gaming.

BettingPhilippines.online’s primary objective is to enhance the quality of life for gamblers worldwide. We do our best to give you honest, impartial advice so that you can gamble safely, which is important to them.