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Best Bookmakers for Betting on Sabong in the Philippines

Last update at 8 September, 2023

The sport of Sabong has been around in the Philippines for thousands of years, making it something of a national pastime. If you want to know how to bet on online Sabong, we’ll tell you how to go about it in this article.

List of Sabong Betting Sites

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Is Betting on Sabong Illegal in the Philippines?

Bets can be placed at physical businesses, which are typically located within the Sabong arenas; however, online Sabong websites are not yet fully regulated by organisations that control online betting in the Philippines. The rise of illegal bookmakers in the Philippines has prompted serious consideration of legalizing online gambling on Sabong so that Filipinos can continue to enjoy all the benefits of this form of gambling while also supporting the growth of their industry.


How to Bet on Sabong Online

  • Choose a bookmaker. Keep an eye out for a site that provides particularly generous bonuses .
  • In order to wager on most sites, you must first open an account and verify your identity by supplying a photo ID. In most situations, the registration process will take no more than 5 minutes, allowing you to get right to placing bets.
  • To make a wager after registering or checking in, you must first deposit the minimum amount of money required by the bookmaker. What you’ll pay can differ greatly based on the service you choose and the methods of payment made accessible to you.
  • Once you’ve funded your account, you may begin placing wagers.

Top 5 Bookmakers for Sabong Betting in the Philippines

Here are the top 5 Sabong bookies for online Sabong in the Philippines:


The 22Bet  app may be downloaded on both iOS and Android. The mobile version offers live streaming and notifications for sports online that are useful on the go.


Melbet’s  mobile site features all the essential website functions. Bets can be placed in real-time on the outcomes of your favorite Sabong tournaments, and live streaming is available.


1XBet accepts a wide variety of payment options and has a minimum bet of 10 PHP. Better match stats, a more appealing design, and faster response times are just some of the benefits of using the 1xBet app rather than the website. As a result, many people think 1xBet  is the top Sabong online betting app.


GGBet now has a brand-new Android app available. The link to the download is conveniently located on the main page. Generally speaking, the program runs really smoothly and has an attractive user interface.


With Megapari, you may check your wagering history, use a variety of in-play betting options, and see odds that are always current, all inside the convenience of our mobile app. That’s why it ranks highly on the site’s list.


Most Popular Sabong Betting Markets

The online Sabong local markets are varied. Here is what you should expect:

Backing the Favorite

If you want to wager on the most popular rooster, you must select the Meron Chicken. The payouts are lower.

The Underdog

The Wala Chicken is the bet to pick if you’re looking to maximize your winnings at the expense of slightly higher risk.

Both Die

A draw will be proclaimed if both roosters perish throughout the course of the fight. Due to the rarity of this event, the odds on this market are quite high.

Full-Time Draw

When the roosters are unable to determine a victor during the allotted fighting time, a draw is declared. This one also has high odds.

Live betting on Sabong

Otherwise known as cock fighting, Sabong is a gambling event localized to the Philippines and dates as far back as 3,000 years ago. While the early cock fighting games required players to visit the arenas to place their bets, Philippine players can now partake in this age-old game from the comfort of their homes, utilizing the latest technology to stream the event live.

Given the simplicity of the game, sabong doesn’t offer a variety of sports betting options, especially for its live bets. However, below are the top betting options available while gambling on Sabong.

  • Match winner: This option is won only if one of the roosters win the game. This option allows players to place wagers on either the stronger or weaker rooster, with the stronger rooster having more odds.
  • Draw: The draw option has two betting lines; a draw will be announced if both roosters die while fighting or if the roosters can not defeat themselves within the allowed time.

Best Sabong Betting Odds

Betting odds are used to estimate potential winnings from a wager. When the odds in your favor are high, you can expect a larger payoff. In cockfighting, the odds begin at 10% with sampu siyam, then move on to 20% with walo, 30% with anim, and perhaps 100% with doblado.


Payment Methods for Sabong Betting

There are many payment options at online Sabong sites, but the most popular are:


GCash  is a money transfer app made in the Philippines, so it is undoubtedly the most popular app you can use to make bets here.


Visa sets the international standard for money transfers, so every bookie in the Philippines will be able to accommodate a Visa  card if that is your chosen method.


PayPal  has distinguished itself by being a quality money transfer app that has pioneered the way digital money transfers work. You can’t go wrong with this.


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