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MegaSportsWorld, being one of the best native bookmakers of the Philippines, has a wonderful welcome bonus that every newly registered player can avail of. However, you don’t get it immediately upon signing up. Instead, you only get it after three months if you’ve accumulated a total of PHP 10,000 worth of settled bets.

So, if you created your account on 30th January and made PHP 10,000 worth of bets before 30th March, then you would have qualified for the bonus.


MSW Sports Welcome Bonus

Now, when you do qualify for the bonus, you will get an SMS sent to your registered number stating that the bonus amount of PHP 500 has been credited to your account. With this money, you can bet on any of the sports and events that MSW hosts. Now, keep in mind that, although the promo period is limited, you can only win the bonus once. This means that even if you make PHP 10,000 worth of bets every three months, you will still only get the bonus once.

Also, note that players with suspended accounts or negative account balances are barred from the chance of winning this bonus. Bet acceptance is also subject to MSW rules and regulations. Failure to comply will bar you from qualifying for the MSW welcome bonus.

Finally, the bonus amount of PHP 500 is fixed.

Promo code

As of this moment, MSW has not made an announcement about promo codes being offered for this bonus. Typically, having a promo code gives players some benefits, but MSW has not made it public that it wants to use a bonus code for this promo. As such, don’t go looking for a bonus code 5€.


How to Claim the Welcome Bonus

You don’t have to do anything special to claim the MSW welcome bonus 2024. Once you have PHP 10,000 in bets within three months, you will receive a message from MSW stating that your account has been credited with PHP 500. This bonus is usually credited on Wednesdays of every week, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


MSW Bonus Terms & Conditions

There are a few terms and conditions you need to keep in mind when signing up with MSW and aiming for the bonus. We’ve gathered them all here for your reference:

  • All players need to be at least 21 years of age and a resident of the Philippines to qualify for this MSW bet bonus. MSW might ask for proof of age or identity at any time to ensure that you are who you say you are.
  • The Welcome Bonus Promo will be active for a limited period.
  • All the player accounts should be in good standing with MSW to qualify for the deposit bonus promo.
  • All MSW outlets will be subject to limited operation capacity to comply with government rules and regulations related to the health and safety protocol.
  • MSW has the right to refuse any rewards that it thinks were won by abusing the rules or if the terms and conditions were not adhered to.
  • MSW also retains the right to cancel, amend, reclaim, or refuse any prizes at its discretion, pending approval from PAGCOR. All decisions made by MSW related to the promo are final.
  • Participation in the promo means that the players have read and understood every aspect of the terms and conditions of MSW with no reservations.



MSW is a great platform for sports betting in the Philippines. It is a native platform, made for and by Filipinos, so it knows its customer base very well. The welcome bonus is a great addition, as MSW didn’t have one to offer before this. With betting being as popular as it is in the Philippines, spending PHP 10,000 in three months won’t be an issue for most, and the ease with which PHP 500 will be credited is quite nice. The lack of a free code is regretful, though.

Overall, MSW promises all players a good time, and the welcome bonus promo only makes it better. Sign up today!


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